The Smash Brothers: Armada


Also, since I have gained some people, I want to raise awareness for this kickstarter! Since Samox (Travis Beauchamp) released his documentary “The Smash Brothers,” awareness for Melee has exploded, to the point of it being picked up by both EVO and MLG for 2014! With less than $10,000 left to raise, we can have a 90-120 minute Smash Bros MOVIE revolving around the rise of more modern players, such as Armada and Dr. PeePee! With the success of the kickstarter, Travis would take the Smash Bros movie to Netflix and possibly select theaters!

If you aren’t in a position to donate, that’s cool, I more than understand being bone broke! Spread the word! I know a surprising amount of Smash Bros fans who knew nothing of the documentary until I mentioned it in conversation, and I’m sure there are similar people on Tumblr, so feel free to reblog this! :D

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